Teacher Workshop The American Revolution in Art & Artifacts Please RSVP   registration required 19 July 2017 to 20 July 2017 Registration fee: $35 per person

Explore portraits, artifacts, songs, plays, and other art forms created during the Revolution.  . Using the collections of the MHS and the Museum of Fine Arts, participants will investigate a variety of visual and aural primary sources, and model tools for using these kinds of materials with students. We will also consider how the Revolution has been portrayed in art and popular culture over the last 250 years, from epic poems and graphic novels to recent Broadway musicals.


Image: Ivory powder horn scribed by Samuel Selden, 1776.

This program is open to all K-12 educators. Teachers can earn 45 PDPs or two graduate credits (for an additional fee).

For more information, or to register, contact the Center for the Teaching of History at MHS: education@masshist.org; 617-646-0557.

This workshop is funded in part by the Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati.