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This Week @ MHS

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, which means a shortened week here at the Society.  - Monday, 20 November, 6:00PM : Join us for a conversation with author Richard Aldous of Bard College, with Fredrik Logevall of Harvard University, as they discuss Aldous's recent work [...] read more

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“The Happiest of the Happy”: An Expatriate in Italy

After you’ve processed several collections of papers here at the Massachusetts Historical Society, you start to see familiar names crop up. It’s not just the usual Cabots and Saltonstalls and Lowells, etc., or those famous Boston ministers, merchants, and abolitionists. [...] read more

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The End of Piracy: Pirates hanged in Boston 300 years ago

  Today marks the 300th anniversary of the execution of the Whydah pirates in Boston, Massachusetts, marched from their Boston jail to the gallows and hanged for their crimes of piracy. No less a person than Puritan minister Cotton Mather recorded the day of the execution [...] read more

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This Week @ MHS

We are back from a long weekend for the only full November week this year. Here are the programs coming in the week ahead: - Tuesday, 14 November, 5:15PM : The next installment of the Environemental History Seminar series is with Jacqueline Gonzales of Historical Research [...] read more

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Gertrude Codman Carter’s Diary, October 1917

Today we return to the 1917 diary of Gertrude Codman Carter. You may read the previous entries here: Introduction | January | February | March | April | May June | July | August | September | November | December   We are nearing the end of Gertrude’s year [...] read more

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This Week @ MHS

It is a short week here at the Society as we approach the Veteran's Day holiday. But there are still a few opportunities for quenching your thirst for history. Here is what is on the calendar for the week ahead: - Tuesday, 7 November, 5:30PM : The next installment of the [...] read more

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"...a calm prophetic of, we knew not what." : Tornadoes in New England

Recently while in the stacks here at the MHS I happened upon a small collection of photographs that were in a folder labeled "Lawrence (Mass) tornado photographs, 1890." With only enough time to take a brief look, I made a mental note of the title so that I could find out [...] read more

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